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Express Yourself Confidently & Naturally in English

Master the Key to Clear, Confident Communication in English

  • Express Yourself Confidently with clear and natural English pronunciation that everyone can understand.
  • Build Trust and Credibility by speaking accurately & naturally, avoiding common pronunciation errors.
  • Reduce Your Accent for effective communication in English, including expressions and cultural nuances.

Trusted by experts from:

  We make communication & business in English feel 
easy, natural and enjoyable.

  • For Business Leaders & Teams: Tailored English communication training, addressing specific needs of various industries, including technology, consulting, healthcare, sales and finance.
  • For Career-driven Professionals: Enhance your articulation and clarity, making senior-level meetings and public speaking opportunities more comfortable and impactful.
  • For Consultants and Managers: Overcome language barriers in varied geographical locations, ensuring your accent and expressions are comprehensible and trusted in every setting.
  • For Expats and International Professionals: Improve your social and casual conversation skills, making you feel more at home in any cultural environment.
Ben Latour meets with a client

Our Unique Approach:

Customized Training for Your Specific Needs

  • Speak with Confidence: Accurate English pronunciation and natural expressions, designed for your specific industry and role.
  • Tailored Accent Reduction: Trust-building and credibility-enhancing training, especially for American & Canadian English.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: For clear pitching and presenting, whether in person, on video, or via Zoom & digital platforms.
  • Mastering Natural Expressions: Learn idioms and expressions used by native speakers in everyday conversation, including in specific professional settings.
  • Lead Meetings and Phone Calls in English: Eliminate awkward silences and fear of misunderstandings.

Getting Started

Simple and Risk-Free Process

  1. Apply for a Free Consultation: Help us understand your unique needs and challenges with our short application form.
  2. Personalized Interview: A quick, insightful call to discuss your goals and how we can assist you.
  3. Tailored Appointment: A comprehensive consultation to create an individualized plan for your success.
Man schedules an appointment with the Latour team
Man schedules an appointment with the Latour team

Why Choose Us?

  • Qualified and Experienced Instructors: Industry-specific training by qualified professionals.
  • Flexible and Efficient Training: Enjoy ultimate flexibility and progress with 100% online accessibility: Easily reschedule sessions and pause your coaching without penalties. We're here to adapt to your dynamic lifestyle.
  • Comprehensive Support: Ongoing assistance post-training to ensure sustained improvement.
  • Proven Results in Diverse Industries: From technology to healthcare, scroll down to see how our clients have transformed their communication skills.

What does the application process look like?

1. You apply for a free consultation call

First, go to our short application form. By filling it out you are giving us some information about your current situation and yourself so we know how we can best help you.

2. A team member will call you and interview you.

In the second step, Ben or a member of our team will give you a short call to interview you. It will take 10 minutes to ask you some questions about the things that you want to accomplish and what obstacles are keeping you from achieving your goals.

3. We coordinate an appointment together.

Finally, we'll coordinate an appointment together where we both have 45-60 minutes for a free consultation call. In our call we will create an individual step by step plan to reach your goals from your current situation.



“Ben is one of those professionals you want to keep close to you all the time. [He] has produced an agile methodology that truly works for busy people!”

Rui G.

Management Consulting CEO - Miami

Problem: Though he had lived in the US for 10 years and speaks 3 languages, his English was not as good as he wanted it to be. He didn’t understand why he still had a strong accent despite speaking English for so many years, and it was affecting his credibility in high-stakes negotiations.

Solution: Starting with the things that would have the greatest impact on his English, we progressively undid over 15 years of bad habits in English and replaced them with new ways of speaking that are not only more correct and accurate, but are very natural – the way native speakers actually talk.

Result: Rui can comfortably talk for hours with native speakers without any issues. He feels confident speaking, knowing that even if he does make a mistake, he knows exactly how to correct it and avoid making it again next time.

“Ben's effective method focuses the coaching on the professional & personal areas that interest me."

Maya P.

Hypnotherapist - Montreal

Problem: Although Maya spent two years in India, she still felt limited in English, especially when speaking. After moving her business to Canada, she realized that she wasn't able to provide the same service in English or fully immerse herself in an English-speaking environment.

Solution: We conducted an in-depth analysis of Maya's current level, objectives, and specific needs. Then, we created an action plan that helped her achieve a sufficient level of mastery and ease in English, enabling her to excel in her business and effectively assist her English-speaking clients.

Result: Maya now confidently provides quality service to her English-speaking clients and enjoys a fulfilling life in Canada without feeling limited by language. She can both give and receive training in English while being easily understood the first time!

"The Latour team really goes the extra step to make sure you’re learning the right things at the right time, without anything unnecessary that will waste your precious time."

Serge V.

 Law Firm CEO - Paris

Problem: Despite studying English for over 25 years, Serge struggled to adequately serve his law firm's international clients in Paris. His accent, intonation, and limited expressions hindered his ability to negotiate and present in English, which hurt his confidence and business opportunities.

Solution: We focused on the vocabulary Serge needed for his goals, starting with the most high-impact points, enabling him to express himself confidently and with excellent pronunciation. Within a few weeks, Serge made more progress than the last 20 years combined, all while managing his business, traveling frequently and enjoying his social life.

Result: Serge successfully presented in English to an international audience at a prestigious entrepreneurs' conference and negotiated deals abroad. No longer ashamed of his English, he now takes pride in it!


Our Method

Combining academic research and personal experience learning 6 languages at a near-native level, the Latour method has helped over 100 busy professionals rapidly achieve fluency in English. 

Leaders across various industries around the world have successfully and efficiently overcome the intermediate plateau, correcting years of bad speaking habits without sacrificing their careers or social lives.



What matters is not your age or where you're from - it's whether you're willing to believe in yourself and take action.


What matters is not your age or where you're from - it's whether you're willing to believe in yourself and take action.

About Ben Latour

Clear and Confident English Communication for Professionals

Ben is a language specialist who helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs improve their English communication skills. With his proven methods, you can speak English clearly and confidently, without worrying about being misunderstood or struggling to find the right words.

Having lived in several countries and speaking five languages, Ben understands firsthand the challenges of communicating effectively in a foreign language. He knows how frustrating it can be to feel limited by your language skills and unable to express yourself fully.

Let Ben help you overcome these challenges and communicate more effectively in English. Whether you're a solo business leader or part of a team, his proven concept makes it easy to speak great English while still enjoying your life.

Unlock the power of clear, confident communication in English with Ben's help.

Start your journey towards speaking English like a native speaker today!

Ben Latour provides world-class accent reduction training

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